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EIFF Awards misplaced?

EIFF.gifWell the Edinburgh International Film Festival is all over, and the awards have been announced. I still have a few reviews to write up and then award the Filmstalker awards for the Festival, but they definitely are not those awarded by the EIFF.

The winner for the Audience Award this year was Clerks II (review) with a massive 78% of the vote. The competition was firmly between this and The Flying Scotsman (review), personally I would have been tempted to push it the way of The Flying Scotsman for what the story had to offer, but Clerks II was by far the more entertaining movie.

The Michael Powell Award for best new British film went to Brothers of the Head, and while I thought it was good, I think this should have firmly been with The Flying Scotsman.

The best Documentary should have been between 5 Days (review) and An Inconvenient Truth, and I would have happily awarded it to An Inconvenient Truth without question.

That said, I didn't see the winner, The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief, and I missed the New Directors Award winner London to Brighton.

Doesn't matter whether I agree or not, they won, so well done to them all. Watch out for the final reviews from the Festival to come, and you can see them all on the EIFF 2006 page.



So many movies, so many things! The great thing about going to a Festival is you can watch many good movies you couldn´t watch otherwise, due to distribution´s limitations.

Now I will read all the reviews from the EIFF slowly and in order.


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