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EIFF Day Eight, Screenings Three

Well I had hoped for a lot of rest last night but my fiancee and her bridesmaid-to-be had been out celebrating all day so that foiled plans of getting a restful early night!

There was a big event party last night with a bunch of celebraties and a host of press and other non-important guests. There are some guys behind me now chatting away about it and comparing notes.

"So who did you get then?" referring to which celebraties they had talked to. You know as much as chatting to these people would excite me, the idea of doing it at an organised event, one of a string that the celeb would be attending, answering the same questions about the same things, being careful not to let something slip, it sounds so painfully contrived. Not just that but how do they view you?

Not my scene really. Perhaps next year I'll get something organised around the press events, if the EIFF decide to give out the events information from the start.

Right, the day is about to begin, and the cinema is surprisingly busy. Especially after the party last night. Air Guitar Nation, Wide Awake and De particulier à particulier, all on the EIFF 2006 reviews page.



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