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EIFF Day Eleven, Screenings Two

Well yesterday was another washout. I ducked out of the morning showing due to sheer laziness and lack of sleep. Then because of the worst traffic and roadworks management in this city that I've seen, there wasn't a single clear road into the city from where I am so I missed the start of the film so I just came home. Ridiculous, well done Edinburgh City Council.

So this morning I did the same again, trying to head in very early in order to get to the screening in time. Well not only are there multiple points of road works, and one spot in particular that was a nightmare to get by as there's a bus stop in between the sets of lights and someone trying to move house, but there's also back to school traffic. Four by fours and huge vehicles galore.

Anyway, here I am for two films back to back in the lovely Cameo screen one. Brothers in the Head and The Lives of the Saints, if there's time and a space I might try and get into the videoteque for a film or two. We shall see.

The Jury were in the cameo this morning again. Mr Hurt was once again there and they even stayed till after the credits of Brothers of the Head.

Quite frankly after The Lives of the Saints I wasn't even interested in going to see anything in the videoteque, my bum was sore enough, my patience was wearing thin, and I didn't want to do the films any injustice by watching them on a small TV screen in stereo. So off home it was.

See the up to date reviews (almost) over at the Filmstalker EIFF 2006 page.



Well, its almost over isnt it Rich? There's the bank holiday to look forward to as well! :D

It is. Four films today, one tomorrow, considering a visit to the video area to catch up on two missed films, and then just to catch up writing.

After that I'm overjoyed because it's two days off, three days back at work, and then another week off with 3/4 days in Spain (can't remember which!)

Rest...ahhh...now if we can only find an Internet cafe nearby...

Oh enjoy Spain, I heard it's nice! ;)


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