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EIFF Day Five, Screenings Two

Another early start to get some stories on the site, find my bandwidth is close to maxing out again this month, speed through the emails, and then head over to Cineworld for First Love at 09:30. Hard work, but great fun.

After First Love I headed off to the press office to check up on the schedules, only to find that Sheitan had been moved, along with a load of other films. So I sat down and reworked my schedule. I'm missing some movies now, but seeing some new ones. I'll change the EIFF calendar as soon as I can.

Works out that there was nothing on this afternoon so I headed home to right some reviews and find out about the bandwidth. Seems that the Korean distributor, Showbox, has written an article about my review of Host and now I'm getting hits galore. Fantastic.

Although one person has actually pulled my entire review page into his blog over there which is just not that cosiderate. Since I can't read anything on his site it's hard to find contact details. I don't mind the reference but I'd prefer quotes and links as most sites of worth do, I don't like my content being syndicated without permission.

Anyway, headed off to a public showing in the evening and came home to some stories and bed. Now I'm running a little behind and there are days of reviews beginning to pile up, and a few four films a day days coming. I'm starting to feel tired already.

See the reviews on the EIFF 2006 page, and all festival news and reviews on the Festivals page.



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