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EIFF Day Four, Screenings Four

An early start for Clerks II, which is showing at 9am and for the life of me I don't understand why. I mean is this film really for the early riser? No matter, these are the press screenings for the Edinburgh International Film Festival, what do the press care?

So here I am standing outside the Cineworld waiting for the doors to open and it's only 08:30, damn buses not leaving exactly when I need them...oh...that's called a taxi.

Later today, awaiting the final screening of the evening, I went over to the EIFF Press Office and went into Lounge to make use of their free WiFi connection. Oh lord how disappointed I was, not only was it so slow it felt like dial up and it wouldn't let me upload a 3k image, it kept disconnecting and resetting my connection. That resulted in multiple posted stories and then messing MT up so much due to multiple spawned processes on the web server. That then caused the server to run at 100% CPU and restart. Brilliant.

Walked over to the Cameo and got a connection as fast as it is at home without any restrictions. Simple.

Now, head over to the Festivals page, or the EIFF 2006 page to read about today's films including Holly and Clerks II.



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