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EIFF Day Seven, Screenings One

Well I was supposed to go and see four films today starting about 09:45, but unfortunately an early morning finish from writing and an early start to get more done resulted in a splitting migraine.

For those of you who aren't migraine sufferers they can be intense, and I ended up with these horrible brightly coloured shapes moving across my vision and they came and went for a good while.

So there was no way I could make the first two films of the day, and I was so shattered I missed the third too for a wee sleep. So all that was left was the final showing of the day, Jindabyne with Gabriel Byrne and Laura Linney. Superb film and a really nice introduction from Gabriel Byrne.

Back to full on film watching tomorrow. Check out the EIFF 2006 reviews page for the latest films.



migraine's are terrible they normally result in me vomitting when they get really bad.

Hope youre feeling better today Rich.

You obviously liked Jindabyne much more than me, Richard. Mind you, at least part of the ill will I bear towards the film is due to certain surrounding circumstances...

Thanks, I am feeling much better. Water and rest did me well.

James, what was the deal with Jindabyne?

Ick, migrianes are the worst I was laid out a week ago with one. I'm glad you're feeling better! It normally takes me a day to recover.

Richard, I'll email you with my Jindabyne story. Probably not something best discussed too openly in case the parties involved go googling themselves.


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