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EIFF Day Ten, Screenings Four

What's on today then? Shoot the Messenger, H6 Diary of an Assassin, The Killing of John Lennon and Sundays in August. A fair mixture indeed and no more than a half hour between showings.

It's interesting that going through the festival I've come up with so many suggestions on how to make it better, and most of them are around allowing the Press to market the EIFF better, and our old friend, the Internet.

What I might do is one big post at the end of the Festival, highlighting the best films and detailing what could be done better next year, send it off to the EIFF and hope that they take me on as a consultant...as long as it doesn't mean more work during the press screenings!

I'm now sitting waiting for The Killing of John Lennon to begin and we're fifteen minutes late already. This is the second film running late today, and the first time this year that films have run late. This one I can understand however, the jury are late in arriving and the director was also due to be here. Perhaps he's running late too.

In the front row reserved for the jury I recognised John Hurt and Brian DePalma. Mr Hurt wandered off along the streets of Edinburgh rather than taking the allotted EIFF car. Now that is cool. Well done him.

You know I'd just not make Paparazzi, I'm much happier leaving them to make their way home as opposed to the people hanging around trying to get a word with them.

Anyway, as with every day, head over to the EIFF 2006 page for the latest reviews as they happen.



Youre like me! I will prolly leave them alone too, I'd just be happy with celebrity sightings although if it was Al Pacino or Tom Hanks... ;P


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