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EIFF Day Two, Screenings Three

Early start this morning and my fiancée had things well planned with packed lunch ingredients galore. I made myself something and scouted the news stories to pass onto my trusty stand in Louise. After breakfast it was the 08:08 bus into town for the first showing.

Sitting in the lovely Filmhouse Screen 1, a screen that you need to visit just as much as Cameo Screen 1, I'm contemplating how the hell I'm going to get through all these movies. Already I've seen four and reviewed one, although the quick reviews are online for all to see on the EIFF page.

Still. I'll keep going as long as I can, and even if the full reviews take some time to get going the quick reviews will give you an idea if they are worth seeing this year.

So today has in store Ants in the Mouth, The Host and Art School Confidential. So here goes and hope that the cinema doesn't decide to wait for all the latecomers knocking the entire days screenings out. (So far every film has started spot on time).

You know, reflecting on these two days past already, I am surprised at how many ignorant press and delegate people there are out there. Today saw the most amount of late comers I've ever seen, in particular for Art School Confidential they just kept coming and coming. Then there was the person who answered their phone in the cinema and then bolted for the front door to answer, or the person behind me rattling a crisp packet continuously, and my personal hatred, using a phone to light up your paper in order to make notes.

There was a very funny moment though as two staff walked by us press types and said "imagine getting paid to watch movies"...oh how I and others sniggered. Paid? It's all for the love my friend.



I agree, its all about the love for films that make it all worthwhile. I still wish I can do what it is you do Rich! ;D


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