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EIFF denies Israeli director warnings

EIFF.gifThe Edinburgh Film Festival released a very straightforward statement yesterday concerning the showing of 5 Days (Chamisha Yamim), the controversial Israeli documentary showing at the Film Festival this year.

They again reiterate that the film will be shown, that they wrote to the director to merely inform him of the facts surrounding the news, showings and his funding arrangements, and that as yet there is no confirmation of him attending. They also pointed out that recent news stories regarding the EIFF advising the director not to attend are totally untrue.

You can see the press release over at Edinburgh Film Festival official site, and the recent story about the controversy surrounding the showing of the film in this recent story. Head to that story to continue the discussion, do you think that the film should be removed because of the current events in Israel? Are the politics and cinema easy to separate in this circumstance?



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