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El Aura (The Aura)

Film Three Stars

El Aura started off very strongly with cinematic shots. There was a superb opening title sequence, then a little later a sequence of travelling using some excellent techniques for dissolves, both had me thinking this might be something special.

The story itself seemed to be very promising as well. Intriguing as it was opening with a man awaking on the floor beside a cash machine with no one around and no concern at all for what had happened.

ElAura_Poster.jpgThe unfortunate thing about this film is it's length, it does feel very long and I do feel that it could have done with several cuts to make the story somewhat pacier. Although I enjoyed the character and his development his decisions were painfully slow, as can be seen much later in the film.

There were some very well filmed moments and the camera kept moving quite a bit to kee the feeling dynamic. This was most noticable when Esteban was experiencing a fit. The camera would spin all around him and coupled with the sound, accentuate the feelings he was experiencing at that moment.

The script was well written too, and it gave us strong characters and threads of a plot that came together piece by piece as the film progressed. The story was very satisfying.

This strong storytelling gave us an interesting ending, although things were slightly too neat for me. The story was almost too well polished.

I would have liked the lead to be slightly more dynamic and emotive. I understood why his character wasn't. He does show this early on as he recites his carefully planned Bank raid, but then it just seems to disappear and he becomes a weaker character, slightly worthless in a way.

Overall the story is well written and filmed, the scenes in the neighbours flat were cramped and disconcerting. The lead is very convincing and it's disturbing, unnerving and at times shocking. Everything you need in a film.

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