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Gellar sticks to Asian remakes

SarahMichelleGellar.jpgSarah Michelle Gellar has joined another Asian remake, after the second Grudge she's in The Return, and then she's due to appear in a film called Addicted which will be based on the Korean movie Jungdok.

According to Variety through Coming Soon:

The story revolves around a woman whose husband and brother-in-law end up in a coma after a horrible accident. When the brother-in-law wakes up, he says he is her true husband.

The story sounds good, and if you look at the original film plot summary you can read much more about it. I think that you've got to give it to Gellar (calm boys), she's not going to quickly return to Hollywood, and instead she's really taking some chances and turning well away from her past career. I think this is a good thing, despite many people suggesting she's sticking to familiar ground, I'd say the opposite.



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