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Halo keeps plodding on

Halo.jpgNow we have heard this promise for Halo before from Bungie, and to be fair they came through. Last time they told us to listen for an announcement they came through with Peter Jackson producing, now they're promising another is on the way. Could this be a director?

Over at Cinema Blend they're reassuring that although James Cameron has just signed WETA to do the effects for his upcoming movies, the WETA guys can actually multi task, and like most businesses, they can do more than one job at once. So Halo isn't being pushed to the side for these projects.

At Bungie, their latest news story carries a small mention of the movie itself and word that Joe Staten is ready to reveal something on the movie news front next week.

Well, we're waiting. There's been plenty of speculation to date with there being two very firm camps. One set say it will be awful because it's a videogame adaptation and there's no way anyone good will touch it. Then there's the other camp that are pragmatic, Jackson's onto produce and with the way that Bungie\Microsoft are handling the Halo project that it might just have a chance. I'm in the latter camp.



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