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Hard Candy on DVD

HardCandy.jpgHard Candy (reviewed here) is an excellent film, and its DVD release is set to bring us some strong extras on the disc. If you haven't seen this film in the cinema then the DVD release is perhaps the next best place to catch it, and catch it you should.

The film is about a thirty year old man who meets up with a fourteen year old girl he's been chatting to online. After a coffee in a local cafe, they head back to his house and the drinks begin to flow. It's a strong story, very controversial, and provides one hell of a ride.

Now, according to Movies Online, the extras are going to be...

Audio commentary with actors Patrick Wilson and Ellen Page (lead actors)
Audio commentary with director David Slade and writer Brian Nelson
Deleted scenes
"Creating Hard Candy" -a "making of" featurette
"Controversial Confection" featurette – relates the controversy of the subject matter and the difficulties in trying to get this film made
DVD-ROM Director’s Production book

Sound good? Well if you've seen the film the commentary and the featurette should be grabbing your attention. If you haven't, see the Filmstalker review.



Was this ever released UK-wide Rich?

16th June...you'll have to wait for a special showing or the DVD.

Highly recommendable indeed. The features of the DVD are quite good. In Spain ("infrazona") we won´t see half of them.


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