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Hitman Script review is excellent

Hitman.jpgThe script for the Hitman videogame adapted movie has been reviewed, and guess what? The review says it's superb, and not in a full out action videogame type way, but in an intelligent thriller type way.

Over at Latino Review, through Cinema Blend, they had a chance to read through the script, and although they can't tell us too much about it let me part a few details on you.

In the hands of any other writer and in like any other hitman kind of film, the opening sequence would show the hero/assassin mow down a bunch of bad guys. Boring. Done to death. Put it this way. In the opening pre-credit sequence showing Agent 47 and his handiwork, he does not fire off a single round. His intended target, Bwana Obie, is in Africa and protected like an elder statesman. How Agent 47 executes his target, like he does in the games make you sit back and say - "Oh shit now that is cool!"

That about says it all, but there's more to the review, particularly its strengths, connection to the videogame, and that casting choice...

Tney talk about how throughout the story the assassinations are quite different and exciting, not just lots of gunplay, even then when there are shoot outs these two are handled with flair. So don't be thinking this is a soft, low body count script, this could well be an R rated film if the script is followed.

The Agent 47, from the barcode on the back of the head of the assassin, the 47th genetically engineered assassin who is the perfect killer. He uses stealth, disguises, anything close to hand, and has his trusty weapons of choice - a syringe, .45 Silverballers and a fibre wire. All of this is in the script itself.

The Hitman games are all about cleverness and the script is overwhelmingly clever and intelligent. That is the biggest thing the page-turner of a script has going for it, it's cleverness and intelligence, hence why it gets an A.

Wow, those are good words, but then the writer Skip Woods was responsible for Swordfish, and despite it's flaws that was a really good film.

CB don't think that Vin Diesel is a good choice for the character of Agent 47, while LR do. What do you think?

For my part, he's visually spot on. Sure he's a bit bigger than the build of the Hitman, but that's no bad thing, bulk does not mean immobility. His voice is perfect, the way he carries himself, and his look does nail the character very well. If I think of the Riddick look from Pitch Black then I can see that assassin real close.

I'm really excited for this project, and I'm not going to leap on the bandwagon of people who cut off an entire genre because so far studios have picked bad stories and bad talent to make them happen. Diesel is the Hitman, and I'm dying to see him in the role.



It's so refreshing to see games like this which are already telling "cinematic" style stories being adapted for film.

This has soooooooo much potential, the story that's already in place offers so many avenues for exploration.

- There's that "Bourne" type world trek movie where we see lots of different locations

- There's the whole genetics conspiracy and government cover-up angle to go with. Lots to us there

- And of course there's the mindless action or fantastic setpieces up for grabs

I really hope people give this a chance and don't write it off for whatever reason. The story that's already there is fantastic, and isn't gospel, it's open to be adapted and possibly even improved for the screen. If this wasn't a videogame movie hype would be everywhere. Vin Diesel? Genetically engineered super soldier assassin? Jaw dropping setpieces? Come on!

But the sad fact is that no matter how good they make this, to many people it'll still be a "Videogame Movie". It's so unfair for audiences and filmakers to be limited by that stigma and not be allowed to tell the story they want to tell, the way they want to tell it, because people can't get past that fact.

One day we gamers will have our "X-Men".
Then we will be respected.

Viva la resistance!


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