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Is this Optimus Prime?

OptimusPrime.jpgIs this Optimus Prime, or at least a sketch of how he will look in the Transformers movie?

Well, yes it probably is, but the full size version hosted at ImageShack courtesy of TFW2005 member hop2pop through AICN is quite blurry and does look like a rough version advertising board, but still.

It's interesting how the rants of fans leap into claiming this is "damage control" and flaming the design. Nothing we've seen yet is a finished, full CGI'd Transformer. So far we've seen cars, half made (and one full made) robot model, and some design sketches both on and off the computer. My message is, calm down and wait.

So you don't like the gun, or you don't like that car, or the flames on the side, eh? Are these things really going to bother you when they are transforming, layered with CGI and fighting each other on screen? No. Not a bit. Perhaps some patience is called for.

All that aside, I think this design looks superb!



I am just glad you are accurate with your sources! ;D

mark my words, Richard, the flaming of impatient fans and those wishing they were cool will grow louder.

I say it all the time. People want to complain. They are able to complain more than be productive, so they choose to pick apart things that others would have no problem with.

Spot on Mogulus. I just wish people would grow up a little and complain when they have reason, and also learn to congratulate and praise.

I'm dreaming though.

Melt and I were talking about Transformers coming back from taping the podcast Wednesday, and I made the off-hand remark that with next summer being so crowded, Transformers has a shot of maybe opening at $40 million next 4th. Since then I've thought about and realized that no site crowing about how great or shitty the designs look can comprehensibly say how all the current hype around this movie will translate into real world money. Everyone seems to forget that At World's End, Spider-Man 3, and Shrek 3 are also coming out next summer. The point is I'm thinking of writing a feature on how only 2 films are going to be big winners next year, and why I don't think Transformers will be one of them. Sound interesting? Cause I'm writing it one way or another. :p

I think it would be worth writing, Dave. But I still think people are seeing that maybe there is a set ammount of money in the yearly box office to be divided between movies, and, the more big movies come out the less each of them will make.

I disagree. Look at what happened this year. We had the largest weekend box office take ever. something like what...over 100 mil in one weekend.

The point i'd consider is, I think people will get out and see however good movies there are out there, even if it cuts into their wallets a bit.

There aren't that many big or awesome movies coming out right now is my point. And Superman's poor take can be blamed on mere over estimation of it's total take from the get go. In my opinion, if the movie is good, marketed well and not overly hyped, I think people will rush to see it, even if they've been to the theatre once that weekend or the last.

In the end, though, we'll have to wait and see. But I agree that Transformers won't be breaking records. I still predict a very strong run at the box office.

I think there is more to the story than just how much money can be divided among big films. I believe your example of the largest take in one week-end was because of Dead Man's Chest, yes? I don't have hard numbers in front of me because I have not started the article yet. In fact, I don't even think I should be replying to this comment. :p


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