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Jackson talks Dam Busters

TheDamBusters.jpgBack in May I had the news that Peter Jackson was helming The DamBusters remake, well now the news is he's producing the film with his long term visual effects collaborator Christian Rivers directing, and from the sounds of it he wants to be faithful to the original.

'I want to keep it as authentic as possible' Jackson told Screen Daily. 'There's that wonderful mentality of the British during the war, that heads-down, persevering, keep on plugging-away mentality which is the spirit of 'Dambusters'.

Is what he says on ScreenDaily through Timeout, and at least he's hit the nail on the head for the essence of the film. Still, there's a long way to go to the big screen.

The new title of this film is Dambusters, and for those of you who don't know, it tells the story of the British attempts at destroying the dams the Nazi's built during the war. These were shown to be powering the war machine of Nazi Germany and the idea was to destroy the dams and halt the war production of Nazi Germany. To do this they used Barnes Wallis' unique invention of the bouncing bomb, dropped from a Lancaster bomber flying an extremely short distance from the water.

It's a fascinating tale, and so wonderfully told in the original movie. I'm pretty concerned about how this film turns out and if they destroy an original. Luckily he's talking British, and not replacing the entire Dam Buster squadron with a team of cocky Americans.



It´s funny, because George Lucas announced a simillar kind of movie as one of his "personal" projects...

I really enjoyed the original movie and think Jackson is the kind of director who could make a great re-make. Only problem is I personally have zero interest in seeing a re-make of this and think Jackson should be able to find more inventive things to so with his time than re-making classic cinema. I've seen the Dam Busters and am fed up with the industry continuing to cannibalise itself are there really no new stories that could do with getting the big screen treatment from a quality director like Jackson.

Hey Peter, how come I didnt know that?

You know there is a part of me that would like this made with modern technology but still sticking to the original material.

They say that they are taking the original book as the source material and that they will build some replica Lancasters for runway shots, etc.

What would really make it a killer for me is if they come to Britain and invest a little money to keep some of these amazing planes still flying and then use them in the film. That would show amazing respect for those that flew these planes.

It sounds like that Howard Hughes movie, Hell´s Angels. If only it was as exciting!

To answer Simone: "Lucas went on to say later that other projects on the horizon include a feature film about African-American pilots serving in World War II that Lucas will produce."

From starwars.com straightly.


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