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Jindabyne gets North American distribution from Sony

GabrielByrne.jpgJindabyne (review), which was just shown at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, has just received a deal for North American distribution from Sony Pictures Classics. Superb news for a good film.

I'm sure this will be down to the EIFF screenings, and you can follow my exhausting EIFF progress on the Festivals page, I attended a public screening of this film and I rather liked it. You can read my review of the film from the EIFF through the EIFF 2006 page.

I did like it, and it's a shame that this is just North America, it'll be great to see some European deals for this film, as I think that's where it will really be appreciated. The story comes from Yahoo.



Gabriel Byrne kinda looks like my inamorata Al Pacino. I loved him in The Assassin, The Usual Suspects and a lot of other films, I hope we get to see this film apart from Richard here! ;D


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