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Jude Law as General Zod?

JudeLaw.jpgCould this possibly be right? Jude Law to star in the Superman Returns sequel as General Zod?

According to Bryan Singer if the sequel was to be made it would feature an alien super villain, so that certainly does suggest Zod is a strong possibility, and one of the best baddies to date for the man of refabricated steel, but how come Law is in the mix, and is there even a chance of a sequel?

Remember, as Cinema Blend pointed out, the word was that a sequel wouldn't get made if Superman Returns (review) didn't make US $200 million at home, well it's getting close but it looks as though it's going to fall just short.

I don't think that'll really stop a sequel from hitting the screens, even if it fell a huge amount short. The word from The Daily Express is that Law is in negotiations right now for the part of General Zod.

A Warner Brothers source says: "Zod is going to be the main bad guy in the second film. Some say they should use an unknown but the director Bryan Singer is looking at Jude. The similarities between him and Stamp are clear."

Mmm...well there are similarities, but that's really not important is it. I think Law could carry off this role wonderfully though, he's got the sharpness and Englishness that would make it so great, but he definitely doesn't have the physical bulk. Could he be General Zod? Who better?



I've got to say, I have complete trust on Singer's casting instincts, he has done it with Wolverine, now with Superman, and Zod to be played by Law? BRILLIANT!

WOW!!!! seriously, WOW!!! this kinda hit me out of left field square on my face!

first, I didn't really think they'd pull the Zod card so soon, second, I never thought about 'Law' as ZOD material.

I hope this turns out to be legitimate. I'd love to se a resolution of the Zod storyline. I mean, let's face it...after the end of Superman 2, you'd have to be pretty dense to think you'd seen the last of him.

I just wonder how deep that pit in the fortress of Solitude was....is he still falling?

This is great news. The simmilarity between Law and Stamp is noticeable, and he is a good actor allright.

It´s great to know that Superman is definitely to be a franchise, despite the not-as-expected economical results.

After this superb and thoughtful beginning, Singer is clearly to search a really action packed sequel, which will satisfy many fans.

Brandon Routh has only shown some of his tallents. I sense he can do even much, much more. And Superman Returns is my beloved movie of this year, for many reasons.

I think a fresh villain who has not been put on film before would be a better choice. I'm all for a reappearance of Zod, and possibly with Law playing him, but not in the first sequel to Superman Returns.

As Richard said, Superman Returns looks like it's going to fizzle out just below $200m in the US. Personally I believe Warner Bros would have been looking for somewhere within the $205m that Batman Begins pulled in, and the $400m that Spider-Man made domestically.

But it hasn't, and it's probably due to a lot of people's preconception that this is a Superman "remake". An homage to Richard Donner's original.

Is using the lead villain from the sequel to THAT Superman movie in the sequel to Singer's Superman Returns a wise move? I think not, because once again you're going to get that "remake" argument being made.

A brand new story with a new villain is what the Superman franchise needs.

I agree with Spidey1703, I would very much like to see a new villian and new approach in the next Superman movie.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Zod character and I think Jude Law would be a wonderful casting choice; however, in my opinion it would be as if Singer is trying too hard to follow in the Donner footsteps.

As much as I liked Superman Returns I would like to see a fresh approach with the sequel. Homage has been paid now let's see something a little different.

I don´t see the trouble of bringing a new general Zod at all. Actually, I see much more troubles bringing the Joker again in the next Batman flick under the face of an actor who can´t possibly beat Jack Nicholson, but everybody seems so excited about it. And Jude Law is much better than Heath Ledger anyway. So what´s the problem? It´s been quite a lot of years since general Zod´s last appearance in a movie, and it´s a fantastic villain.

Are there any other Superman villains worthy of a film treatment apart from Zod?

(I just had to put it here, this is the movie quote when I was posting this reply: "I've been waiting for you, Obi-Wan. We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete. When I met you I was but the learner. Now, *I* am the master"- Darth Vader, Star Wars)

Today is Ian McDiarmid´s birthday. 62 years of pure tallent. Off topic, but I had to say it! ;)

Make a wish!!!


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