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Loach Boycotts Israeli Film Festival

KenLoach.jpgSo Ken Loach has boycotted all Israeli film fans by not taking part in the Haifa Film Festival, because obviously they are responsible for the attacks on Lebanon. What's even more interesting is that he's joined a "Palestinian boycot of Israeli cultural institutions".

This story through Cinematical just doesn't fit for me, for a start he's obviously taking an anti-Israeli, pro-Palestinian stance, that is if he really has joined the Palestinian boycot rather than just boycotting the festival on his own. It also doesn't feel right because the people he is hurting are film fans, cinemas, and the festival itself. Not the Israeli army or government.

It's the same situation as with 5 Days (review) that was recently at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, if that film or director had not been here, then who would really have suffered? The director and the film, because they wouldn't have reached such a diverse audience, the cinema that took the money to show the film and the festival that also received some of the profits and the press. So what would it have achieved? Some press coverage. As it did, by coming here, the film and director received even more coverage.

So I'm not sure what Loach is trying to do here other than hurting film fans and the festival. Going there and taking an anti-war stance and received much more publicity, especially where it matters, in Israel itself.



This is just stupid. But I saw Ken Loach coming years ago. This is far from coming to me as a surprise. As you said, no event divided anyone that wasn't already divided. Sorry for the political side of my comment, but the post is fit for it.

Yeah there was no avoiding the political debate on this one, and I'm quite happy for it to go that way Peter.

Why cant work be just work, and not get personal?

Because Loach is the sort of person who won't let it happen that way.

Well... I have tremendous reservations about personalities like Ken Loach. He sounds to me as another Saramago, the writer who compared the Palestinian situation with Auschwitz. Loach made his move with movies as "Land and Freedom", which praised the anarchist trials in Spain during the republic, which is clearly ridiculous. Why do some artists pretend they know everything about the most complex conflict of our era, the Middle Eastern? And, to say more... why do they take always the predictable side? Nobody deters you to have a position, I have mine, but Loach is doing a favour to no one, certainly.


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