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Lois Lane spin-off is nuts

KateBosworth.jpgI don't know what Kate Bosworth is taking, but she's hinted at a possible spin-off from the Superman series for the Lois Lane character. Yes, Lois Lane. Obviously there's no other interesting characters in the series like Lex Luthor or Superboy (god help us), and Lane is the obvious choice. All this and studios are still undecided on a Superman sequel? I'm thinking column inches here, so I'll oblige.

According to an interview she did with Sky News, through Moviehole and Cinematical...

"Lois will be back bigger and better in the next movie, and with more of her own storyline."

Not only that, but I can reveal there are plans to give Lois Lane her very own investigation spin off.

Note that the last sentance is most likely meant to be read as the Sky reporter's words, not Bosworth's, so huge pinch of salt.

Frankly this is a stupendously stupid story and I can't see it happening. If they're in doubt as to a Superman sequel, they are not going to be creating a spin-off film for one of the weakest characters of the film.

Stepping back a bit though, you could read that as though she said that there would be a spin-off story within the sequel, in other words she does get a bigger part and it's not based around Superman and his son.



Oh please dont let it happen! Rich, earlier Orlando Bloom, now its girlfriend Kate Bosworth eh? ;D

Saying that, will a Superman film survive without the Lois Lane character?

A Superman movie can survive without Lois, but not without Superman. See what happened with Supergirl. And Kate Bosworth... the real discovery of SR is Brandon. I wanna see more Brandon Routh because I sense he is capable of much more. I want to see a fine sequel, not a gimmick.


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