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Lost Pink horror trailer online

Pink.jpgCatacombs was a horror film I first heard about way back in March 2005, and then in June I wrote about it's lengthy Post Production and no release date, well now there's a trailer for it and no Pink in sight, just Shannyn Sossamon, and still no release date!

The story is about a girl who attends a big party in the Catacombs of Paris, 200 mile long labyrinth of caves under the city that is home to the remains of something like seven million people. She falls asleep during the party and awakes to find everyone cleared out. Queue horror as she realises she's not alone.

Perhaps Pink is in there doing a gig? No, that's unfair I like Pink. It's co-written and co-directed by David Elliot who wrote The Watcher and Four Brothers.

You can see the trailer on You Tube, and frankly it looks dull as dishwater. The trailer is poor although the idea is strong. I kind of hope that the trailer is a non official mash and that the film does the story some justice.



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