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More Transformers on set footage

Autobot_Tease.jpgAccess Hollywood have another set clip from the movie Transformers, and it expands on some of the film we've already seen. Shia LaBeouf looks totally freaked out as he sits atop the car waiting for the machinery to fall, and Michael Bay is loving it. Then watch some footage of Megan Fox and LaBeouf be coached on how the yellow Camaro (Bumblebee?) will knock them over. Notice that truck at the back, is that Ironhide?

Well Access Hollywood [Flash:Embed] have done it again through Michael Bay's own blog, and this clip expands on the previous one. LaBeouf is clearly nervous as he sits under that mechanical arm, and as it pulls back to strike he's a tad unsure about how high it's supposed to be, all the while Bay is loving it and almost shouts through the megaphone "he's really scared!". I had to laugh at that.

The second one shows us some of the vehicles we've already seen, and coupled with the first footage we get a better understanding of what's happening. The Camaro spinning around and knocking both Fox and LaBeouf from their scooter onto the ground, all the while Ironhide is in the background close by.

Still nothing major, but these little trickles are starting to get my anticipation up. Oh, and guys, this is early footage, remember no CGI.



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