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No more movies for Madonna

Madonna.jpgGet out the party hats. Madonna has finally decided to give up on her acting career. It seems Madge has finally admitted defeat when it comes to success in movies.

Hollywood.com via Cinematical quotes the great lady herself:

I hate to admit it, but I've decided to give that up. How can any film survive if everyone says it's going to be a flop from the very day the project is even conceived? It's already dead in the water.

Well love, perhaps because they usually are flops? With the exception of Evita, none of her films have been anything to write home about. And that’s only if you don’t mind the musical genre.

I’m a huge fan of her music and the woman herself, but I have to admit I’m a little relieved she has put the kibosh on her acting aspirations. Anyone out there sad to see the back of movie Madonna or has it come too late for some of you?



I love that word kibosh, reminds me so much of Joe Davola. ;P

Fan of some her music yes, her film career, not really.

That's the best news I've heard all day. Musically, Madonna is great, but she really can't act.

to be completely truthful, I enjoyed her in Evita and Dick Tracy. She was also fairly good in the brain dead yet fun "who's that girl", but hey...if she knows she's not that great of an actress and knows there's not an appetite for her acting in the public's wallets, more power to her for holding up on any future projects.

In a wierd sort of way, I'd see this as not only the right thing to do, but also a showing of humility.

Though it does seem like she's still saying "the public doens't know what it wants. I'm great" in effect. oh well.

Evita was a good film, but whether that was because of Madonna's acting or in spite of it is opent to debate.

I did enjoy Dick Tracy, but that was more to do with the very striking look of the film than anything else. I don't recall either the plot or the performances being that good.

Fpr my money, Madonna's best performance was in Desperately Seeking Susan in which she essentially played herself and didn't - if I recall correctly - actually spend that much time on screen.

I agree she was good in Desprately Seeking Susan but like you say it wasn't much of a stretch. Even her role as Eva Peron had some similarites to her own life, (meteoric rise to fame, controversy following her) but it's one of the few films I've actually believed her in.

It's hard to say if she just hasn't been offered the right roles or if she isn't capable of pulling it off.


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