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Optimus Prime shots?

Autobot_Tease.jpgThere are a couple of shots online that claim to be Optimus Prime on set of the new Transformers movie, to be honest there's nothing much to see. You can once again catch a glimpse of the truck that may be Prime, a CGI placement shot and also an ambulance truck that may be another Transformer.

Prime was featured before here, and now we see another frontal shot of him on the set. There's also a wheel and part of a body attached to a pole which looks like a CGI reference, and that's it for Prime. There's a shot of an Ambulance that may be the new take for Ratchet? - You'll have to help me out on that one.

You can see the slideshow of the three photos over at You Tube which is the source, or you can catch the images over at TFW2005.

I don't know what the fans are expecting to see from the set shots of Transformers. There's so many negative comments being hurled about Bay and the film, about how we haven't seen this, and we haven't seen that, and so on. Wait a minute though, do you really want to see anything? Hear me out...

We know that this film is going to be heavily CGI laden, so are we going to see full size robots leaping about the set transforming back and forth? No. Are we going to be seeing the vehicles in their actual form rolling about the set? Well, not really, sure they'll be close but not the finished product. Oh, and of course there's always the issue that they might just be vehicles sitting around the location!

We're not going to see any completed Transformers until the filming has completed and the effects guys leap into full production. Even then, would you want to see everything before the movie? Imagine a little with me, picture opening night and the first screening, you're sitting in the cinema and after a few minutes you see this truck drive into view and transform in front of your eyes, then it starts speaking. Hey, I'd love that surprise moment, wouldn't you?



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