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Orlando Bloom as Knight Rider?

KnightRider.jpgThe good, or bad news, is that Orlando Bloom has turned down the chance to play Michael Knight, a role that David Hasselhoff made his own, in the upcoming film version of the TV series Knight Rider.

Apparently, according to ContactMusic through Digital Spy, Hasselhoff asked Bloom when they bumped into each other in Hollywood recently.

"I was approached by David in Los Angeles. He'd heard I was a big fan of the old show and said, 'We're doing a movie version and I'd love you to play my son in it.' I replied, 'Er, well, that sounds great but you'd need to speak to my manager about it.'"

"I used to watch Knight Rider when I was eight but I didn't like it more than any other series. My favourites were The Fall Guy and The A-Team,"

Bloom in The A-Team, of which a remake has been in the works for years, or The Fall Guy movie? Now that would be good, start the rumours now! No, seriously though I really do think this is more of a joke or a passing comment than anything, mainly because Bloom is just so wrong for Knight...and do you think someone of his acting stature would play that role? If not him, who would make a great modern day Knight?



D"o you think someone of his acting stature would play that role?

Gee Richard, I really dont know what to make of this statement. Did you mean Bloom has a great acting talent that it's not deserving of the Knight role or that the role is too good for his awful talent? ;D

I hadn't thought of the latter! I just meant that Bloom is a huge actor nowadays and playing something like Michael Knight, while being fun, isn't really challenging him much.

Ahhhhh, that's nicely put, you are so kind as always. :)

you know, everything up until this point that i've heard about the Knight Rider movie has made me happy. Hasselhoff has fought to keep it real for a number of years. There was a plan to make the movie but without a talking car. Hasselhoff, whom owns the rights ( I believe ) to the show said "Heck no. You have to make it a talking car. That's the whole POINT!"

And let's not forget. The Hoff, though most people see him as a joke, knows EXACTLY what the audience wants. He doesn't take himself seriously. And he's talented as all get out.

I'd like to see a KR movie with just him.


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