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Pal-Wol-Eui Il-Yo-Il-Deul (Sundays in August)

Film No Stars

Ouch. This film was written up in the EIFF guide as being about a man who discovers a dedication to his wife in a book she was clutching during a car accident. Suspecting an affair he goes off in search of the man.

Well, that was perhaps ten minutes of the story, the rest was, well, not.

A few people left the audience while the film was playing, and no wonder. The opening scene says it all, an incredibly slow rotation of a camera fixed on a quiet country road. It rotates to a short, repeating tune for a few stretching minutes, then the music stops. However the road keeps spinning.

Thankfully there's something to wake you up at that point, but then everything returns to that slow pace soon after, and stays there.

There's no real character development, unless death is counted as such. Just long protracted scenes that go nowhere, often in complete silences.

The dialogue, when there is, makes you feel like you've missed something in the film and it is so often replaced with ignorant silences.

A terrible film, void of a single enjoyable moment.

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Sounds horrific. However at least it makes you value the decent films even more.... I don't think I'll add this to my list of films to watch.

I dont think I have ever seen you give a 0 star to a film!

Oh there's another one. Just saw it yesterday and it was dire. I ended up being more concerned about my sore bum than anything else.


Claim for the damages!

I absolutely agree, "Sundays in August" was a complete waste of time. The synopsis was deceiving, the film and characters, lacked substance in every way. The husband was more concerned with finding his wife's pseudo lover rather than the fact that his wife was in a coma. Each character was emotionless and seemed like walking zombies through out the whole film. They were pathetic and seemed like their existence was a waste of space. The doctor searches for the book "Sundays in August" but has no reason to, she has an affair with a married man, but never seemed interested in him. She takes the drunk husband home and is raped by him and the next morning she says oh it's okay, and they have breakfast together. The day after the wife dies he goes to the doctor and asks if she's interested in him, rather than mourning for his wife. It's completely ridiculous this film was even made. 0 stars is too good to this movie -5 stars are in order.

Sorry if I've given too much detail, but just don't bother watching this film. It's not worth it.


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