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Ratner remakes Boys From Brazil

BrettRatner.jpgIt's been a long day today and one that meant away from the PC, so I missed some of these stories earlier. One of the most incredible I read was the idea that Brett Ratner is to contemporize the classic film Boys from Brazil. Remember that movie about the strange Nazi cloning plot in South America?

The original starred Gregory Peck, Laurence Olivier, James Mason, Steve Guttenberg and Denholm Elliot and was adapted from a novel by Ira Levin. All in all a great movie. So now hot off the success of X-Men: The Last Stand (review), is set to direct a remake of the film which is set in the modern day. Apparently, according to Variety through Coming Soon, the writers are going to adapt Levin's original novel and update it, so does that mean we're going to replace Hitler for someone like Saddam?

I just don't get the reasoning for this. Why remake this movie, and how did Ratner get from X-Men to this? The original is a thriller, and not in the Rush Hour sense of the word. Now I know he did a good job on the X-Men movie, but does that necessarily mean he can pull this off?



Come on, Ratner, you can do it! Let´s destroy good ideas unnecesseraly and film them with the subtlety of a rhino stampede!!! Come on!

Remake The Boys from Brazil?

That's weird man! ;-)

Do I have to confess that I've only heard of this movie after Richard posted it? Shameful I know!

I shall add it to my rental queue.


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