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Slater in Heathers 2?

ChristianSlater.jpgSome time ago I mentioned the possibility of Heathers 2 being made, now Christian Slater is apparently signed up for the sequel already.

According to the story in Jo Blo from Entertainment Weekly, Winona Ryder said...

"I don't know how much is official; it's a ways away. But it takes place in Washington and Christian Slater agreed to come back and make an Obi-Wan-type appearance. It's very funny."

Okay, hold up a minute. So what we're most likely looking at is Ryder trying to grab hold of her career again with Slater making a brief endorsment appearance, most likely as a new couple of kids take over their roles. I think that's going to be about as much fun as a sequel to Dukes of Hazzard, oh god that's actually happening.



I like the Obi Wan idea. But seriously, I loved the Heathers movie, just dont know if I will be thrilled to see this one.


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