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Stir of Echoes sequel first look

RobLowe.jpgStir of Echoes was a very creepy film starring Kevin Bacon in a role that really did suit his acting style, in fact I think without him this film wouldn't have had half of the impact it did. Now, the sequel, Stir of Echoes: The Dead Speak is underway and the first picture is online.

It stars Rob Lowe, a good actor I believe, but someone who hasn't flourished as well as he could have. He failed to capitilise on the success of The West Wing, seemed to get out at the wrong time, start another series of too similar a character, and now quite possibly return to film in a potentially poor sequel.

Echoes was based on a Richard Matheson novel, but this sequel is written and directed by Ernie Barbarash, the man who brought us the two Cube sequels. The blurb is something like this:

Lowe plays National Guard Captain Ted Cogan, who, after accidentally killing innocent civilians in Iraq, becomes haunted by the vengeful spirts of the dead. As Cogan begins to lose his grip on both his family and his sanity, he enlists the aid of equally unhinged psychic Jake Witzky...to help understand his terrifying and relentless spectral visions. With Witzky's advice, the traumatized veteran eventually realizes what measures he must take to rid himself of the ghosts once and for all-though the price to pay may be more than he bargained for.

Rather long winded, but actually it sounds filled with possibility, and the setting for the story sounds quite strong. Furthermore the writer\director talks about the sequel and defends the film saying that it is in keeping with the tone and style of the original novel and film while expanding on them and adding dramatic weight. Mmm...

I am keen to see Lowe do well, and get something strong for him to perform in, but I'm not so sure following a Bacon stamped character driven film is the way to go. You can see the first picture over at Fangoria through Rope of Silicon. What do you think?



Stir of Echoes was a great movie by all means. The kind of great movie that doesn´t need a cheap sequel. Well, if there was an American Psycho II... Rob Lowe is good, but Kevin Bacon rules.


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