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Transformers Bumblebees face

Transformer_Bumblebee_Face.jpgSomething struck me as I looked at the face of Bumblebee from Transformers this morning, the newly captured image of the full scale model made for the set of the new movie. Much like the other images we've seen, especially of Megatron, they are very robotic like and much less human.

This is a feature of Michael Bay's new film in that they are trying to portray them updated for the modern day, but there's something we're forgetting as the shouts and cries of the originals being altered and hard robot faces being put in place, there's tons of CGI to be done yet. So as I looked at Bumblebee and thought how cool his face looked, as it seems to be made of parts of the engine, I wondered how he would speak. Like some sixities robot with a monotone robotic voice? Nah, but CGI layered over that might well bridge the gap between what we know and love, and this new modernised Transformer.

You can see a bigger image over at ImageShack, posted by guys from The Allspark Forums and through Cinemablend who also carry the image.

What do you think, are we all crying fowl too soon?



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