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Transformers Jazz and Ratchet on set

Autobot_Tease.jpgOkay, I'm not sure how good this is because I simply cannot get the video to play, however the following link is footage of Autobots Jazz and Ratchet during the filming of a street scene, unfortunately this means they are still in their vehicle modes, but it's something new.

Personally I'm still waiting to see some proper CGI come out of the film, but this will keep me going in the meantime. The video is over at TMZ.com [ActiveX:Embed] through AICN.

So please head over there, have a look and come back to tell me if it's any good and what it's showing.

With all the footage and images to date, how are your hopes holding up for the Transformers movie? Good, bad, indifferent? I'm struggling as one leaked photo or set report pushes me to good, and another pushes me to bad.



The hype is so huge that many will go to see it. That is already a positive note. Personally, I don´t dislike Michael Bay, though he is prone to excess more often than not.

I will see this film out of curiousity more than anything.


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