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Unused negatives of Halloween found

Halloween.jpgThe original, unused negatives of John Carpenter's film Halloween have been uncovered, and this could spell a new version of the film in the future, one with never before seen footage.

From Fangoria through Cinematical comes the story:

Don May Jr., the horror-lovin' DVD producer who runs Synapse Films, recently let Fangoria know about a virtual Holy Grail of Horrordom: "What we've got is pretty much all the unused original camera negative from John Carpenter's original Halloween,"

This means that there could well be a brand new version of the film coming out with never before seen scenes, and this might even include an alternative ending. Apparently there was another boxe of negatives found, the Halloween ones were marked 1978, when it was shot, one final box was marked 1981, which Cinematical suggest could be material shot exclusively for Halloween's network TV permiere.

So it's all exciting, and sometime in the not so near future we might see a new release of the film. However, there's something here that doesn't quite feel right to me. Unless Carpenter himself is involved in the addition of this material to the film then it becomes someone else's movie. Another edititorial team altering a his film is not really restoring Carpenter's original vision, it's adding in loads of footage that he and his filmmaking team took out, and most likely took out for a reason.

What do you think, am I being too arty and too pedantic, or do you agree that someone else adding in footage that was cut by the filmmakers results the movie that the original filmmakers didn't actually want?



I somehow doubt Carpenter will let anyone else handle the film. If there's going to be anything new done with it, I suspect he'll insist on being the one who does it.


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