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Van Damme Til Death Trailer online

VanDamme.jpgThe trailer for Jean Claude Van Damme's new film Til Death is online, and it shocked me for two reasons. One is that Stephen Rea is in the film, and the second is that although it's a bit rough around the edges it looks good, and Van Damme seems to give, well, I hate to say it but a good performance.

You can see the trailer, which is hosted in iFilm, over at Trailers for the Masses [Flash:Embed] through The Hollywood News.

Have a look and see what you think. There's definitely something about Van Damme there, he certainly looks older, but there's something a lot more real about the performance here, and far less showman. I might just be tempted to see this.



Holy crap! This actually looks pretty good.

Van Damme is the best and he's back!

van damme is on a good path with td

Wow this movie looks pretty cool. Van Damme is the man!


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