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300 stunning new trailer online - Updated

300.jpgThe great Scotsman Gerard Butler screaming at the screen, half naked, sweaty and bearded will almost be too much for most ladies out there, but it's worth it to see the new trailer for the Zack Snyder written and directed film, 300, based on Frank Miller's graphic novel of the same name.

The story tells the tale of the legendary 480 B.C. battle of Thermopylae where the Spartan King Leonidas led his three hundred strong Spartan Royal Guard against the might of the Presian army. Outnumbered one hundred thousand to one they fought to bide their full army time and to unite nations.

Stirring stuff, but wait until you see the new trailer over at iFilm through SuperheroHype, and quite frankly it looks stunning.

It's visually exciting and rich, the performances looks steeped in passion and emotion, the CGI sets look amazing, and...and...and...I can't describe how fantastic it looks, I'm haunted by some of the clips I saw, particularly the raw emotion in Butler as he screams to camera. Seriously, you have to see this trailer, this film is going to be stunning.

Update: It looks like the iFilm trailer has been removed. For a Flash 8 embedded version, head over to Cinemablend.

There's also a Quicktime version available from box.net pointed to from Solace in Cinema.



You got me all hot and excited over this trailer but then it's not there anymore!!!

Dammit - it was superb as well. Okay, can anyone find it and post a link back?

"The owner of this content has chosen to hide this clip" ... How ever I caught it earlier and it does look pretty cool.

I have a version of trailer as a .wmv file but I don't think I can risk hosting it as I don't really have that kind of bandwith, I'll look at converting it to a .swf file if no one else posts it again anywhere.

Oh I missed that Solace in Cinema pointed to a quicktime file, which is the same anyway.

Found it!!!

Check it out here: http://mftm.blogspot.com/2006/09/300-2007-promo-trailer-scoop.html

I saw it somewhere else, through GB.net, and youre right, it looks AWESOME, specially King Leonidas. Awwwwwwww!!!!!

Great link Richard. The movie looks amazing. That's definitely the right way to do a trailer.

It's up still at

This movie should be great!

Thanks Nin, it's proving very elusive to keep track of.


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