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Amazon movie download service live

PCScreen.jpgAmazon's movie download service, Unbox, has opened up and is now live offering TV programmes and films for download to rent or keep. Bad news is, if you're outside the US, tough, you're not getting the service.

Pricing structure seems quite good with TV Shows at $1.99, films to keep are $7.99 through to $14.99 and films to rent are a mere $3.99 a shot. On sign up you get a free TV show, and the restrictions seem quite bearable.

Renting gives you thirty days to view it, and once you start viewing you have twenty four hours to watch the full show. For downloading you will be allowed to download to two separate computers at the same time, each of which can transfer to one portable device.

Unfortunately though the proprietary video player from Unbox will not allow you to burn a DVD that is playable on a DVD player, however you can backup the file to DVD. So not ideal, but the closest we've come so far.

Download Squad highlighted the launch.

So when are the rest of the world going to get the service? There are a few more customers outside the US you know! Would you use this service? Is the pricing good enough for you? Could you live without the DVD burning option, and is the download to a device any good for you?



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