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Appear in Transformers and Prince Caspian!

OptimusPrime.jpgThere are two casting calls out today, one for appearing in Transformers the live action film from Michael Bay - yes you could be appearing next to Optimus Prime and Megatron - and the other is for Prince Caspian...except for that one you have to pay!

That one caught me by surprise as well, but according to UK IGN auditions will continue in Britain in October for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian with the director Andrew Adamson flying over to hold them. Not only are they looking for the Prince himself, but they're also after a large number of Spanish or Mediterranean extras who will most likely play the people of Telmar. You can apply for these at starsinmyeyes.tv, surprisingly this costs £4.95 per month! My advice is don't part with your cash. However the actual call is something like this:

Males of Spanish or Mediterranean descent aged 30 to 60; female of Spanish or Mediterranean descent aged late 30s - all must be proficient speakers of English. Also sought are actors of restricted growth, male and female.

Now, Transformers have a casting call out from Michael Bays blog and also on Clickon Detroit:

Extras 16 years of age & older are needed to work outside for the 2-day scene currently scheduled for the first week of Oct. 2006. If you are interested in possibly working as a paid extra in the film, please send information immediately.

The full contact details are available on either site, and the Transformers extras are also paid. Cool, paid to stand alongside Transformers, or maybe even be squished by one! I'm in!



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