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Apple download to TV revealed

PCScreen.jpgApple have unveiled some new TV top technology that is set to deliver downloaded movies direct to the television. To me this is the tipping point for downloading films, if this technology is as simple as a Freeview or satellite box then this is going to open it up to a huge home audience who aren't interested or have knowledge of the internet or PC's, and believe me there are a lot of them.

According to Fortune editor Peter Lewis through IMDB, Steve Jobs has shown a prototype of Apple's new iTV settop box well before its production date to give Hollywood a pending notice. Lewis says that the studios want to charge more for downloaded movies than they do for DVD, and yet Apple are looking to produce this box, saturate the market place, and then keep the prices low - a similar situation as with iTunes.

This is a really strong offering, and being in e-learning I have seen Government stats for Internet and PC access for UK and US, and they aren't impressive. Whereas digital is much more saturated, and in particular in the UK analogue is being switched off, suddenly the home audience are much more aware and understanding of a box that simply plugs between their wall and their TV.

I do believe though, this is the way forward. Downloaded across the Internet, to a box above your TV, and straight into the single most popular device for watching films in the home. That's a killer system surely. What do you think, would you prefer this service to the current Internet model? Are there flaws in it or things you'd prefer to see in the service?



Like we've discussed in the past, I like more freedom in what I do with the content I've bought, but having said that, this model seems superior to anything else out there as far as how I want to use the content. My only other gripe is resolution. It would be nice to see an HD service, but with the current state of broadband in the U.S., that would seem somewhat impractical.


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