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Arrest for Juárez murders from Lopez and Driver movies

JenniferLopez.jpgI wrote back in May about a Minnie Driver film called The Virgin of Juárez that looked at the incredible story of Juárez where four hundred rapes, mutilations and murders have occured over the last thirteen years. Now a suspect has finally been arrested in connection with those killings.

Jennifer Lopez has made a film called Bordertown which looks at the same story the Driver film does. She plays an investigative journalist looking into the killings, dubbed the maquiladoras murders.

There's no further news on what happened, but the story from Showbiz Spy tells us that the news was broken to Lopez on the red carpet of her latest premiere and she was "thrilled" to hear of it.

"This movie has been very topical for a long time. This is has been going on for many, many years and it's also one of the reasons I wanted to make this movie...It's such an important story and I just felt this is some way I can bring life to this story. I'm really interested to find out what happened. I had no idea there had been an arrest."

I talked about how interesting these stories are, and they demand higher exposure than they have already, after all we are talking about over four hundred murders that are linked over thirteen years, not one murder or abudction, four hundred. Surely this needs more exposure than it already has, perhaps because these have happened to migrant workers in Mexico. So the fact that there are a couple of movies out there that tell the story is a good thing, and they need to be seen and heard about.



Ive seen the JLO movie. Got the fact that it was supposed to be a great story. Wasn't really though

Are you suprised? It is a fim about JLO!


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