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Assassination of Bush gets US release

GeorgeBush.jpgThe controversial film which shows the assassination of President Bush in the lead up to the Iraqi War is to receive a US general release. It is currently scheduled to be shown on UK television next month.

The film, Death of a President, shows Bush at a rally in Chicago in 2007 being shot by a sniper. Police are quick to round up a Palestinian based on quite circumstancial evidence, although it's clear someone else is to blame.

I caught an early review online (can't remember where I saw it now) and it was extremely critical of it as a film, however reports are that people have been applauding it at screenings, perhaps more for it's political messages than anything.

The film is built with real footage, although there's a healthy dose of special effects with actors dressed as key characters with the faces of actual people digitally superimposed. Sounds quite clever, and there have been lots of questions asked of the filmmakers on the process of creating these key scenes, apparently not so much on the film as a dramatic story.

Actually the story is set in the future with an investigative documentary looking back on this footage to determine who really was to blame, adding an extra level to the film. Still, it seems a split decision on how good the film actually is.

According to CNN the British creator of the film, Gabriel Range, has already received death threats for the movie. Perhaps it's hitting the mark after all?



It sounds more like an anecdote than a real movie. From the looks of it, it´s a clever joke with little script ideas behind it. Applauses are, so to say, easy to get concerning issues like that.

Anyone really interested on watching a fictional good portrait of American Administration should watch 24´s 5th season. Gregory Itzin was superb as the President of the US, and painfully real as well.


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