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Bangkok Dangerous remake on hold

BangkokDangerous.jpgOne good piece of news to come out of recent events in Thailand is that the remake of Bangkok Dangerous, Time to Kill, starring nicolas cage is on hold due to some rather worrying moments.

Security was called onto the set when shooting was heard in the distance, and apparently when the military took to the streets Cage was set to film scenes where he would be armed (with a fake gun of course) and it seems that this was thought to be a bad idea. I can see why!

From Amy Acherd comes the news that they are waiting "until wednesday" when "hopefully order will be restored".

The scary real life issues aside, I'm not sure that this remake will be as good as the original, but it will be interesting to see how the Pang brothers cope in Hollywood and if they can retain the style they took to the original, which despite a few flaws was very good.



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