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Bangkok Dangerous remake poor plot?

BangkokDangerous.jpgThere's some word from the set of the Bangkok Dangerous remake, Time to Kill, from the film's Producer, William Sherak, who is talking about the military coup during filming. Everything was peaceful and people were very friendly during the events, but the thing that caught my eye was the description of the film and how disappointing it now sounds.

From Amy Archerd:

He's a paid killer who comes to Bangkok to eradicate four men. "But Bangkok opens up his eyes," said Sherak. Hong Kong beauty Charlie Young is the femme lead and the role calls for her to be deaf. "It's a very special relationship with Nicolas," said Sherak. "It's a very special story."...It's rumored (but not confirmed, thank you) that Cage receives $20 million for the very physical role...will probably receive a PG or R rating, Sherak believes.

IMDB lists the following:

A hitman (Cage) in Bangkok to pull off a series of jobs falls for a local woman and bonds with his errand boy.

So, gone is the idea of the two brother hitmen, one who is deaf and dumb but is the far superior killer. His brother is killed in one hit, and now he has to go solo, but then he meets a girl on a job and his life begins to change. There's loads of great visuals, but for me the deaf and dumb killer was a superb aspect. Now we find out that Cage won't be either, it's the girl who is deaf, and Cage is seduced by the beauty of Thailand.

Mmmm...doesn't sound that strong to me. You can hear the pitch meeting. "Cage has to speak, he's a first class American actor. Make him speak. Why is he deaf as well, how could he possibly kill anyone like that? None of the audience will believe it apart from those arthouse Europeans..." - yeah, no one believed people living inside computers, or that Michael Douglas was still young enough to be in the Secret Service.



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