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Besson confirms he's quit

LucBesson.jpgLuc Besson has confirmed that he's quitting making movies, something he said a long time ago and I referred to in my Angel-A review. Now he's come out and said exactly that, although he's producing many movies his last will be Arthur and the Minimoys which is due for completion this year.

Oddly Yahoo News say it's his tenth film, although he's down for thirteen credits in his IMDB profile. Mind you one of those is a videogame, and there's another that is a video segment...I guess these don't really count, ten is such a nice number.

Is this a big loss? Are you a Besson fan? I find his work is up and down, and Angel-A and Leon are probably the ones that I find are his best. What do you think? Still, does it matter because he's still writing and producing.



I think Besson is a lot better as a director than either a writer or a producer so yes, he will be missed - by me, if no-one else.

Oh I agree, although I think he has more misses than hits, but when he hits he really does hit hard.

Among the films he has directed, I've only seen Leon, I would welcome any recommendations. :D


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