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Boyle's Sunshine is reviewed

Sunshine.jpgAnother major story today is that Danny Boyle's Sci-Fi film Sunshine is an intriguing story that has a group of scientists flying towards the sun to deliver a payload that may just revitalise it before it burns itself out. Seven years prior to that another expidition tried the same thing and mysteriously failed. Sound familiar? Well the person who saw the early screening says just that, it's a standard go by the numbers Sci-Fi.

AICN (who have a few major stories today) delivers the story and the scooper tells us that it has all the same twists and turns as we're used to, and there's nothing really that new and surprising about it. Although saying that it is enjoyable, but the big ending isn't all it's cracked up to be and actually ruined the film for him. There aren't that many good words for it at all.

It's a real shame because I had hoped that this would be an unusual and quite innovative story, mainly because Boyle was at the helm of a genre he hadn't turned his hand to before. However it doesn't read very well, and although it's an early cut and it's an anonymous tip, I'm still carrying early disappointment.



No surprise here. Anyone stupid enough to go to the SUN, deserves to fry. In this case, a bad review. I keep telling those people in IMDb that this movie doesn't have hope in prayer. They slammed me and told me to get off there board. I'm going back and stick it to them (hahaha)

Go on then Poodle! ;P

Well, it doesnt look good at all eh, same old, same old?


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