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Bruce Campbell talks Spider-Man 3

BruceCampbell.jpgOver at the official Spider-Man 3 blog, listed in Filmstalker Filmmakers Feeds, there's a new short video of Bruce Campbell talking about his role in the film and of the film in general.

I can't see it from work - or correction, this time I can't hear it - but it does promise to be slightly tongue in cheek.

Spider-Man 3 has gone quite quiet of late, and it's about time we had some interesting news pop out of it. I'm really excited to see the third in the series and it has great promise, my only concern might be that it pulls in too many villains and hopefully it will concentrate on the one and merely introduce the others for more in the series...if there are going to be.

Frankly I think there will be, but perhaps without Sam Raimi at the helm.

As for Campbell, I really want Bubba Nosferatu to get a move on!



Second the motion on that Richard, Campbell and Giamatti! :D


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