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Carrey sacks Agent for bad roles

JimCarrey.jpgJim Carrey has fired his Agent of some thirteen fifteen years. Now normally I don't deal in gossip about stars, but there are two things here. One is that it is about his film career and the second is that I think it's about time he did something.

I don't know the ins and outs of the story and what's been happening behind the scenes, but the report claims that Carrey blamed his Agent for the lack of poor roles of late and in particular the two that have never really gotten off the ground, Ripley's Believe it or Not and Used Guys. There's also a hint that he's annoyed with his dwindling salaries. Strange, I would have thought Carrey could have turned down roles as well, he didn't just need his Agent to take on a bad film.

From TMZ.com:

Apparently, the $20 million man isn't getting his $20 million payday nearly as often as he used to, and the manic and often volatile Carrey may have looked for someone to blame after two huge starring vehicles fell apart within months.

Well I can't side with the man on the huge salary issue, quite frankly that's way too much for one person for a single job, especially considering the budget and returns required on the movies. This is one of the reasons that prices are going up and audiences are going down, not pirating my friend. Ask for less cash, budget drops radically, return to profit is lower, film makes more money, studios make more money, charge less for films, cinemas drop prices...okay, it's a bit idealistic, but still.

That aside, whoever's fault it is, he's not getting good roles, and I think there's a very simple reason for that. He needs to stop the comedy.

At the beginning of his career we all loved that Carrey style, but it really has become too much, even he toned himself down in his comic work, but then something happened, he went serious. The Truman Show, Man on the Moon and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind showed that he is a top class actor when the comedy is put to the side, and even switched off totally.

I think the real issue is that he hasn't pursued that serious side enough, and the public would accept him more that way than with the poor choices of comic roles he's been taking. I, for one, am tired of the comic Carrey.



He seems tired as well. Dick and Jane was a terrible movie. I was a little desolate with the abandon of "Used Guys", because the premise was funny, and together with Ben Stiller, they could rock. But indeed there´s a relation between the costs of movies and the drop in tickets, and stars are not helping. It´s time to see Carrey where he belongs now: he is going to do the dramatic and intriguing number 23 with Joel Schumacher.

I used not to like the man but he gained my admiration after watching him turn out a good performance in "Eternal Sunshine". I have not seen so many of his comic roles, the last being "Bruce Almighty", so yes Jim, explore other acting avenues and show us more of your versatile side.


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