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Casino Royale theme online

CasinoRoyale_Poster.jpgWell a sample of the new theme for the new Bond film Casino Royale is online now, and it's nothing earth shattering. There's something to ask that if they're changing the Bond do they also have to change the theme? I always loved the big show themes of Bond, but perhaps they just won't work anymore. Do you think the big tunes were the best, and which would you say is the most memorable?

You can hear the new sample over at YouTube through AICN. Good or bad?



I'm wondering why MGM decided to push back this new Bond movie for a whole year. Perhaps, there leading man kissing another guy? I forgot what movie this occurs. This is not a very good start for the film considering their pride and joy is new and untested.

The film in question is "Enduring Love" - Good little dark psychological-thriller, that one.


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