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Casting: Fraser, Perlman and Bunton

TheMummy.jpgHere's a quick casting update for you for three separate films. Mummy 3, Postal and Pink Panther 2. You know looking at those titles the strongest one that leaps out is Postal, and that's embarassing! No, that's not true, I'm sure Mummy 3 will be good. The names involved? Brendan Fraser, Ron Perlman and Emma Bunton (Baby Spice from the Spice Girls!).

Have you connected them up yourself? No real surprises. According to Killer Movies, Bunton will be taking over Beyonce Knowles role in the sequel. Good decision there on Knowles part.

From Skewed and Reviewed through AITH comes the announcement of Ron Perlman playing the part of Uncle Dave in Postal. That's the latest Uwe Boll film with madness and shooting galore.

Then there's the news from TMZ through Coming Soon is the news that Fraser will reprise his role as the Mummy chaser Rick O'Connell in the third installment of the Mummy franchise. Now that is a surprise.



in all honesty, Richard, the Mummy movies have been excellent dumb entertainment. I thoroughly enjoyed them, despite what most people think.

I seriously hope Rachel Weiss and the rest of the cast from the first 2 return ( especially the Egyptian dude who turned up in Deuce Biggalowe and the guy whom played the squirmy uncle. )

I mean, seriously. The great part of these movies wasn't the fact that it was scarry, because obviously they weren't meeant to be. But rather the fantastic chemestry of the cast. These were great characters that I was so pleased to see return in the sequel. I hope it happens a third time.

Sure they were, but a third? Especially one that has the whole plot moved to China?

I didn't realise Ron Perlman was that hard up for work.


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