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Casting: Huston, Beckinsale, Wilson and Chen

DannyHuston.jpgThere's a few casting updates this morning that are of interest including Joan Chen, Patrick Wilson, Kate Beckinsale alongside Luke Wilson and the superb Danny Huston.

Chen is joining Ang Lee's Se Jie (Lust, Caution). The film is a WWII espionage thriller, and hopefully pulls Lee back to his strong work and away from the demeaning and controlling influence of Hollywood. From Associated Press through Coming Soon.

Wilson, who starred in Hard Candy, is set to star alongside the amazing Vanessa Redgrave, the superb Toni Collette and Claire Danes in Evening. The film is about a dying mother (Redgrave) who is recounting the tales of her meeting the love of her life as her daughters come to terms with her approaching death. Sounds like an emotional film to say the least, and it's great news for Wilson to be alongside these great talents, he's going from strength to strength. From Variety through Coming Soon.

Beckinsale is to replace Sarah Jessica Parker on Vacancy, a horror-thriller where a couple in an isolated motel realise that they are being constantly filmed by hidden cameras, and that if they don't escape they'll be starring in their very own snuff film. Apparently, according to The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon, Parker has had to leave due to personal reasons, perhaps that's true but it's a common response when stars leave a film for professional reasons. Perhaps the material just didn't suit her after all? I really wouldn't be surprised.

Huston has joined the Alaskan Vampire horror film (wow, there's a description!) 30 Days of Nights according to The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon. Who's Huston going to play? Well, with an amazing scoop of casting he's going to play the lead of the vampires. Now just think of how he looks for a moment, wouldn't he make a great vampire? Actually, he'd probably pull off a great Joker, but that's already cast.



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