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Caviezel joins Outlander

JamesCaviezel.jpgJames Caviezel has reportedly signed on the dotted line for the film Outlander, it's unclear whether he's replacing Karl Urban who was in talks to star, or hell be alongside. IMDB list Urban as signed.

Outlander is a film, as I mentioned before, that sounds so bizarre it could just be a lot of fun, and now that Caviezel is on board, there's perhaps a little more weight behind it. Here's what I wrote about the plot before:

...a humanoid from another galaxy who crash lands on Earth during the reign of the Vikings, unfortunately for probably all involved he's carrying a deadly alien creature.

Vikings, good Alien, bad Alien...it's got to be an R rating and violence galore, surely? The story comes from TheChronicleHerald.ca through Coming Soon. It will be interesting to see which way this story goes though, total fight fest and gore, or something a bit more thoughtful? Caviezel suggests a slight bend towards the latter.



An alien from another galaxy crash lands during the Viking era. How rich. Vikings wouldn't know the difference between an E.T. and a hobbit since people back then were all strange looking and peculiar. But hey, at least the story is original.

Yeah, the Vikings are likely to think of the Aliens as Gods, and perhaps rally behind them in different factions. You would think that the "goodie" Alien will be the one disadvantaged...I'm speculating too much now.


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