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CHiPs duo finally chosen?

CHiPs.jpgHot on the heels of the news about a Jack Black CHiPs film (that's Californian Highway Patrol for you non Saturday afternoon TV viewers) the rumour comes through that the Jon character has finally been cast.

Wilmer Valderrama has already been talking about his role as Ponch, but now Latino Review through CinemaBlend has the rumour from an anonymous source who says that...

I was in New York a few weeks ago, specifically, the Marriot New York Marquis. I came across a little celebration that was going on there in the form of Wilmer Valderrama and Chris Evans popping open some bubbly and announcing to the crowd that Chris Evans has signed on to play Jon Baker, Ponch's partner. Wilmer himself actually said "Meet Ponch's new partner.

Sounds like filming is going to commence after the Fantastic Four have completed. If you don't know, Ponch is on the left of the picture and Jon is on the right. I wonder if this was pushed forward in light of the other CHiPs film? Still I just can't see this being a great movie, can you?



Gee Richard, how many Red Bulls did you drink today? I was just catching up on 3-4 days worth of your articles and here you are again posting a new one? Let me catch my breath! ;P

You are such a slavedriver!

Mooohaahaahaahaaw! Just when you think I'm dead....

I must say, I would much prefer to see the Black/Ferrell version than this. I'm sure the other one will have it's merits but COME... ON!

Jack Black and Will Ferrell? I just sharted!

{{{{Rynndar!!!}}}} :D

Missed you over here, enjoyed your holidays I guess?


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